One-to-One Meetings

Committed to reconnecting the industry, digitally

GHI Cargo Connect will provide an essential virtual forum for bringing the cargo aviation community together to combat the existential threats presented by the coronavirus pandemic. It is open to all professionals from the ground handling industry.

GHI’s virtual meetings service allow you to target meetings with industry decision makers across the global aviation community. With no app or installs required, the platform gives you the freedom to overcome travel restrictions and connect all in one place from 12-13 July 2021.

How does your One-to-One Meetings service work?

Personalised Networking

First, we will send you a link to your personal page, where you can start to create your personalised meeting schedule. In the run up to GHI Digital Reconnect, simply log-in, view the exact delegate list and start sending meeting requests. You can add a personal note to each invite, set your preferred meeting length and appoint a member of your team to be your meeting coordinator. You have the power to accept, decline and request as many meetings as you like.

From there, GHI’s expert team will build your personalised meeting schedule. There is no need for you to arrange your meetings – it will be all done for you, in 15, 25- or 55-minute slots with a private virtual encrypted room. It could not be easier; we take care of all the scheduling for you as your personal account managers taking into account all delegates time zones! 

Virtual meetings use your internet browser - on mobile or desktop – with only one click. Our on-hand team will craft your optimum meeting schedule for you and send you access to your video meetings prior to the start of the event.

Your meetings at the Conference

Dedicated team here to help

Meet, negotiate, and navigate a new era of partnerships through a time of crisis while enjoying the high-quality networking, content and personalisation that GHI prides itself on.

GHI’s dedicated team are here to help and will do all we can to ensure you make those all-important introductions with the delegates you most wish to meet.

Watch this short video to find out how to request, accept and join virtual meetings at GHI Digital Reconnect! We have included some best practice top tips to ensure you have a seamless experience.

By Numbers

We anticipate GHI Digital Reconnect Americas will hosts more than 1500 One-to-One Meetings over two jam packed days of networking. Target meetings with 350 industry decision makers from across the regions aviation community.

  • 92% of 2020 Digital Reconnect delegates said the virtual event had a positive impact on business goals.

  • 82% of 2020 Digital Reconnect delegates said that the One-to-One Meetings were the primary reason for attending the event. 

  • 91% of 2020 Digital Reconnect delegates were happy with GHI’s scheduling tool and how our dedicated team schedule the One-to-One Meetings to maximise all delegates' time.

  • 97% of 2020 Digital Reconnect delegates said the meeting schedule provided was clear and easy to understand.