GHI’s Cargo Connect will provide an essential virtual forum for bringing the world’s cargo aviation community together to combat the existential threats presented by the coronavirus pandemic.

Over a 2 day period, GHI will provide a combination of One-to-One Networking sessions and keynote content on all the biggest topics facing aviation operators.

In summary, we want to provide a virtual space where the aviation community can get together and talk business while honouring the high-quality networking, content and personalisation that GHI prides itself on at our physical conferences.

Your Personal Page

Once registered, we will send you a link to your personal page. Here you can view the exact delegate list, accept and request meetings and view the content session details as if you were attending a physical conference.

One-to-One Meetings Service

In the run up to GHI's Cargo Connect, simply log into your personal page to start sending meeting requests. You can add a personal note to each invite, set your preferred meeting length (15, 30 or 55 minutes) and appoint a member of your team to be your meeting coordinator. You have the power to accept, decline and request as many meetings as you like.

From there, GHI’s expert team will build your personalised meeting schedule. There is no need for you to arrange your meetings, we will take care of this for you, taking each delegate’s time zone into account. Meetings will not overlap with the Content Sessions so that you can take full advantage of everything offered at GHI's Cargo Connect.

Content Sessions

Our content sessions will be split into two blocks each day, allowing you to make the most of the sessions, whilst still giving ample time for meetings with other delegates. The key themes of the sessions are Stakeholder Collaboration and Operational Excellence, providing you with a best-practice guide to navigate the post-covid world.

On the Day

Prior to the start of the virtual event, we will send you a personalised meeting and content sessions schedule. This can be accessed on your personal page.

At the time of your meeting, simply click on your individual meeting link to join. Virtual meetings use your internet browser and are hosted in virtual encrypted rooms to ensure privacy.

Content Sessions will be hosted as a webinar, allowing you to view the sessions and ask specific questions to our speakers. If you can’t watch the sessions live, these will also be recorded and available on demand.

Ceri Sladden

Operations Director

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Alice Williams

Delegate Services Director

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Libby Swayland

Exhibitions Manager

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Sophie Skinner-Jones

Conference & Marketing Manager

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