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06:30 - 07:00

Cargo community trailblazers: Cainiao- digital innovations to drive cargo excellence

Thomas Yu, Director Global Hub Operations & Product Development, CAINIAO

Chinese logistics giant, Cainiao has pledged to deliver every parcel globally within a 72-hour window, which leaves no margin for protracted turnarounds or truck queuing at the airport warehouse. This session will explore how Cainiao take a one team approach to driving supply chain efficiency with its carrier, handler and freight forwarder partners including exchange of key tracking information. The case study will explore how Cainiao uses data and digitisation to drive OTP in air cargo.

07:05 - 07:35

Cargo community trailblazers: quality every time- the hidden role of the ground handler in optimising the cargo journey

Paul Cheng, General Manager - Service Delivery, Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminals (Hactl)

The ground handler is a lynchpin in ensuring goods arrive safely, on-time and in immaculate condition within the cargo supply chain. So why aren’t we using more of their expertise? This case study will show the performance benefits of heightened ground handler engagement in your supply chain.

07:40 - 08:15

Sustainability: developing your cargo business by becoming a more sustainable choice

Christian Bergfelder, Senior Director Network Airside & Airport Affairs – Europe, DHL

Consumers, shippers and airlines are all under growing consumer pressure to prove their environmental credentials. This session will explore how key players are working towards putting sustainable initiatives like GSE electrification and fuel optimization projects in place that will not only cut emissions but also benefit cargo KPIs as well.

08:00 - 10:00

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10:15 - 11:15

The Big Debate: ‘Advancing our industry into the 21st century’: How do we develop airport infrastructure to ensure the great air cargo opportunity isn’t squandered?

Bill Nesbitt, Senior Manager – Cargo, Dallas Fort Worth International Airport

Henrik Ambak, SVP, Cargo Operations Worldwide, Emirates SkyCargo

Geert Aerts, Director Cargo & Logistics, Brussels Airport Company

Steven Polmans, Chairman, The International Air Cargo Association (TIACA)

Steven Verhasselt, VP Commercial and Strategy, Liege Airport

Thomas Liput, Managing Director Asia Pacific Ground Support and Gate Equipment, JBT Aerotech

At face value, Cargo has never had it so good. Global demand stands at an all-time high with delivery capacity unable to match demand. Photos of passenger cabins loaded with medical kit have made frontpage news around the world and there has been a boom in airline operators looking to grow their cargo market share. Yet beneath the veneer worrying cracks in airport infrastructure threaten to cast a shadow on the industry’s moment in the sun. From apron/warehouse facilities to the role of digitisation - this session will explore the core needs of the supply chain and how stakeholders work collaboratively with airports to ensure infrastructure is conducive to providing faster, more reliable cargo services.
How do we stand together to seize the great air cargo opportunity?

11:20 - 11:40

Airport case study: creating an airport that fosters high performance cargo

Steven Verhasselt, VP Commercial and Strategy, Liege Airport

Exceptional infrastructure, no slot restrictions, and a pro-partnership approach – what are some of the essential precursors of establishing a more dynamic airport operating environment for cargo?
This session will invite a case study from a leading hub on how it is developing the right infrastructure on the ground to enable airlines, freight forwarders and handlers to drive cargo efficiency. The theme will also be on seeding a collaborative culture where airports work collaboratively with the supply chain to make the smartest decisions.

11:45 - 12:35

Market focus: the Pharma growth prescription

Dominic Hyde, Vice President of Global Services, Peli BioThermal

Markus Schmidt, Regional Manager Business Development – EMEA , Celebi Cargo

Yulia Celetaria, Global Director Healthcare, Volga-Dnepr Group

More than $200 billion of pharmaceuticals are transported by air each year with volumes growing by 6% annually. The Covid crisis underlined the industry’s unique position to move key medical supplies quickly and securely. But is industry infrastructure both at the airport and on the ramp keeping pace with the growing demands of a pharma market where products require stringent temperature control, careful handling and unplanned delay can be deadly? This session will identify an air cargo supply chain strategy to capitalise on pharma growth.

12:30 - 15:00

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15:00 - 15:30

E-commerce: can cargo keep up with the consumer revolution?

Celine Hourcade, Founder & Managing Director, Change Horizon

Joanna Li, Director – Strategic Partnership Asia & Pacific, Volga Dnepr Group/AirBridgeCargo Airlines

Mike Berger, Chief Commercial Officer, ATSG

A quarter of the world’s population were shopping online in 2020 with freighters filled to the brim with essential pandemic relief items from home gym equipment to toilet rolls. Figures from McKinsey & Co showed e-commerce notching up 10 years’ worth of growth in 90 days. Air cargo has the requisite speed to satisfy this next day delivery market but will antiquated back of house systems and processes prove our undoing? How can technology and digitisation help us deal with a spectacular rise in volumes and maintain efficiency as we attempt to oversee the safe transit of millions of different packages.

15:35 - 16:10

Regional focus: cargo in the Americas – opportunities, challenges and the post Covid age

Christian Eitner, Senior Sales Account Manager, JBT Aerotech

Janik Gagne, Senior Director, Economic Analysis and Statistical Services, Airports Council International (ACI) World

Ruben Atehortua Sandoval, Director Cargo Operations, Avianca Cargo

Scott Case, President, International Air Cargo Association of Chicago

This panel session will hear from leading cargo players in the Americas region on what they see as the priority industry challenges in the region. The session will explore the North and Latin America cargo market forces. Infrastructure, service innovation, new market entrants and digital tools will be under discussion.

16:15 - 16:40

GSE innovation: technology investment and the future of logistics

Martin Rieser, Head of Development Towbarless Aircraft Tractors, Goldhofer

Rüdiger Dube, Head of Strategic Product Management Airport Technology, Goldhofer

This session will explore how equipment suppliers are looking to develop smarter GSE solutions that enable help users achieve higher performance levels in their cargo apron activities. How can more technologically advanced GSE help you achieve gains in OTP, safety and added agility to react quickly to ever shifting cargo schedules and configurations.

16:40 - 17:05

What freight forwarders want: building value added partnerships with carriers, handlers and airports

Donna Mullins, Vice President, Kale Info Solutions

Matthias Hurst, Director Global Airfreight Initiatives, Agility

Ruth Snowden, Former Executive Director, Canadian International Freight Forwarders Association (CIFFA)

Freight forwarders set their stall out on moving freight in the quickest most cost-effective and reliable way. But are they maximising the true potential of stakeholder groups like ground handlers to deliver a better service to shippers? This session will invite leading freight forwarders to outline their future and how we deploy digitisation/stakeholder collaboration to enable a more efficient cargo journey.

17:00 - 19:00

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17:10 - 17:50

Workshop: Creating the cargo leaders of the Future

Desiree Perez, Leadership Coach & Aviation Consultant, Level Up Your Potential

Cargo has been thrust into the limelight during this pandemic with newfound prominence as a central business revenue stream. So how do we find the dynamic leadership talent who can help the sector consolidate its status as the boom area of aviation? This session will look at strategies that can help cargo compete for the best available talent and look at coaching the right stuff that will be required from future leaders to overcome the infrastructure and digital challenges facing cargo.

06:30 - 07:15

The Big Debate: how does Asia optimise its strained cargo infrastructure to match demand?

Kamesh Peri, CEO of Delhi Cargo Terminal, Celebi

Nazri Othman, Senior Vice President, Cargo Services, SATS

Vivien Lau, Executive Director – Commercial, Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminals Ltd (Hactl)

The Asia Pacific region is coined the ‘Factory of the World’ and serves as a global leader for e-commerce and digital manufacturing exports. But is its cargo airport infrastructure still in the analogue era? This session will unite key supply chain partners to discuss the infrastructure challenges facing the region as capacity fails to match demand. What innovative technologies can Asia use to improve cargo throughputs and speed journey times? What key investments are needed on the ground? And how can closer stakeholder collaboration improve efficacy in the interim?

07:20 - 07:50

Innovation: the power of creative thinking in cargo

Sam Gould, Head of Cargo, dnata

Suraj Nair, Found & Chief Technology Officer, SPEEDCARGO

Innovation is a key buzzword in aviation during the Covid crisis. But what does cargo innovation entail? Is it inextricably linked to digital adaptions or are there lower cost employee-led innovations that could help us capture key improvements to efficiency, speed and safety in our cargo services. GHI invites a series of case studies from key operators.

07:55 - 08:25

Cargo trailblazers: AirAsia/Teleport Freightrain – a blockchain based air cargo solution

Vishal Singh Batra, Chief Technology Officer, Freightchain Technologies

During the onset of the Covid crisis and amid huge supply chain disruption, AirAsia unveiled a digital cargo solution to boost the ability of freight forwarders to move freight at short notice to key destinations. Freightchain offers the digital interlining capability to airlines to expand their cargo network and grow sales. Airlines' forwarders, thereby, can get insight on all available cargo network connections operated by airlines and the ability to book in real-time. Blockchain smart contracts facilitate the on-demand interline booking between airlines, eliminating the need for traditional and complex SPA agreements. Is this the future of air cargo?

08:00 - 11:00

Virtual One-to-One Meetings

08:30 - 09:00

Stakeholder collaboration: how cooperation can solve the capacity crunch – the SATS Singapore story

Nazri Othman, Senior Vice President, Cargo Services, SATS

Ground handler, SATS Singapore won GHI’s Best Cargo Handling Operation Award 2020 thanks to its unique blend of teamwork, cooperation and committing to new technology which demonstrates a clear performance gain.
SATS has delivered vale adding innovations in pharmaceutical handling product, E commerce and automated mail sortation. This session will explore how the SATS team align service excellence with customer expectations and the process of building partnerships with the airport, airlines and freight forwarders.  What role can a properly aligned supply chain play in improving air cargo performance?

10:45 - 11:05

Market Forecast: Is the cargo boom going to last?

Brendan Sullivan, Head E-Commerce & Cargo Operations, IATA - International Air Transport Association

Cargo has enjoyed its moment in the sun during the coronavirus pandemic with demand hitting record highs. But is this age of cargo here to stay? IATA will present a market forecast for 2021-22 and beyond across all the key global markets. The session will assess the ongoing capacity crunch, ground infrastructure, a recovery in pax traffic and their implications for cargo.

11:10 - 11:50

Skills: recruiting and retaining top-class talent into air cargo

Celine Hourcade, Founder & Managing Director, Change Horizon

Patricia Varela, Assistant Manager, Operations Innovation & Change Management, IATA - International Air Transport Association

Air cargo has often played second fiddle to fast moving, public facing pax operations within the aviation industry. But all that has changed with the Covid pandemic making poster stars of cargo teams transporting everything from ventilators to face masks. How do we capitalise on this positive PR to secure an influx of quality people to cargo? How do we retrain pax focused employees for the cargo opportunity? What is the true cost of attrition to our operations and how do we avoid it through a more proactive employee engagement strategy?

11:50 - 12:00

Cargo Showcase: Cargo Pooling Opportunities with TCR

Kristof Philips, Chief Operating Officer, TCR

TCR pioneered the concept of GSE fleet pooling at Heathrow in September 2004. Since then, our pooling operations have grown year-on-year, allowing operators to reduce inefficiencies in GSE utilization, leading to better performance and significant cost savings. For cargo operators too, there are still a lot of opportunities through GSE sharing.

12:05 - 12:35

Airline cargo trailblazers: diversifying into cargo – a TUI case study

Dieter Bruneel, Director Operations TUI fly Western Region, TUI Aviation

This session will explore how TUI has rapidly reconfigured its operations to embrace cargo as a result of the Covid-19 crisis. How does an airline go from a pax focused flight model to one that caters for cargo business? How did TUI address the enormous challenges around its aircraft, employee training, business culture and entering a non-core market? This case study will explore TUI’s impressive agility in implementing wholesale change and what others can learn. We’ll also explore the longer-term future of cargo within Tui’s strategy and what happens once passenger demand begins to come back.

12:40 - 13:10

Conversions: market update and the hybrid freighter of the future

Thomas Centner, Director Sales & Technical Marketing, EFW

The Covid crisis has seen a spectacular transformation in aircraft configurations with carriers performing ad-hoc adaptions to pax fleets to capture essential cargo revenue. Are we likely to see a longer term, more permanent shift in freighter conversions as airlines look to diversify their revenue pool? This session will explore the latest trends in the conversions market and ask what are the options for future hybrid aircraft design that would empower operators to make low-cost alterations to expand or reduce their cargo/passenger capacity depending on market dynamics?

13:00 - 15:00

Virtual One-to-One Meetings

15:00 - 15:30

Cargo trailblazers: how to start a new cargo operation in under 30 days- the Menzies MIA story

Robert Fordree, Executive Vice President – Cargo, Menzies Aviation

Ruben Atehortua Sandoval, Director Cargo Operations, Avianca Cargo

The story of Menzies Aviation’s efforts to go live with a new cargo handling facility at rapid speed. How did the team work with the airport, equipment suppliers and their own employees to ensure a safe and streamlined operation at such short notice?

15:35 - 16:10

Digitisation: Transforming cargo services through smarter technology

Davide Scatorchia, Business Development & Optimization Manager, Air Cargo Belgium

Magali Beauregard, Chief Commercial Officer, CargoAi

What possibilities does AI create for a more seamless cargo journey? And how does the supply chain satisfy insatiable consumer demand to track the location of their order? This session will investigate the  immediate opportunities for stakeholders to deploy digital solutions and a stakeholder strategy that ensures alignment on implementation.

16:15 - 16:45

The Big Debate: cargo in the cabin- short-term fix or a permanent fixture?

Christian Bergfelder, Senior Director Network Airside & Airport Affairs – Europe, DHL

Robert Fordree, Executive Vice President – Cargo, Menzies Aviation

GHI invites two industry experts to take opposing stances on the future of preighter traffic and convince the audience of their case. One will advocate that Covid has caused a long-term shift in economics among airlines that will see boxes on seats and in overhead bins continue for much of the decade or beyond. Their adversary will attempt to convince that CIC is a sticky plaster that will be alleviated once belly capacity returns with the improvement in pax volumes. You will be asked to vote for the presentation you feel most persuaded by.

16:50 - 17:15

Employee-led Innovation: how to do more with less in challenging times – Avianca Cargo

Ruben Atehortua Sandoval, Director Cargo Operations, Avianca Cargo

The challenges of the current situation require rapid, economic and high impact changes. But, many of the best initiatives may already be out there in the minds of your people. Learn how Avianca Cargo has designed an innovation process where people propose ideas to reduce costs/increase income and has already seen the scheme generate significant service improvements within its cargo offer.

17:00 - 19:00

Virtual One-to-One Meetings